Women of Brewsters Place 2012

12 Nov
Women of Brewsters Place 2012

Love Moschino wool cape
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Pencil skirt

Tory burch tote bag
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Michael kor
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Spoonbread and Strawberry Wine

11 Nov


This book was given to me by either my mother, grandmother or father…I can’t remember just who it was but since the Beef Stew recipe has a lot of underlines and checks I’m gonna go with moms. I remember her liking Beef Stew a lot.

What I do remember is reading this book like it was a novel and being very inspired to seek out fresh local ingredients for not only my cooking but also my beauty regimen. It’s part cook book, part history book, part beauty mag. It has awesome recipes of southern food and equally awesome stories about the men and most importantly women who make up the Darden Family.

This book embodies pretty much what I try to do here at Tampa Bay Natural. It focuses on using natural ingredients that the earth gives us to create the products we use on a daily basis. One of my favorite recipes is listed below.

And do yourself a favor and pick up the book. There’s plenty on Amazon right now.

Lemon Nourshing Cream:

– 1 egg yolk

– 1/2 cup olive oil

– 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

– 2 drops essence of lemon oil

Beat egg yolk with an electric beater at high speed until light and lemony. Add a few drops of olive oil at a time beating vigorously until mixture becomes thick and creamy. Add lemon juice, then essence of lemon or a few drops of your favorite perfume. Blend well, jar and keep this super-rich cream refrigerated. Massage into skin as a night cream.

I love these cute (and affordable) Ball Quilted Crystal jars for storing home-made beauty products. Find a case of 12 at Sears.com for less than $30!


On Assignment: Election Day

6 Nov
On Assignment: Election Day

90s Girl

28 Oct
90s Girl


MCM make up bag
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Easy At Home Porosity Test

23 Oct

I was perusing the web last night and came across something that I knew little about: Porosity.

The dictionary defines porosity as “letting through air, water, etc.

So basically when it comes to hair it’s a measurement of how well your hair lets in moisture. And in the natural hair world we know moisture is key. I’ve struggled with finding the right moisturizer for my hair. And to this day I still don’t have the right answer. But I found it helpful to understand why my hair wasn’t letting oil in. I have low porosity hair, which means it doesn’t let moisture in as well as high porosity hair or normal porosity hair.

Now I’m not sure if anything can really be done to change the natural porosity level of hair, however there is a lot that can be done to ensure the moisture  does get into the cuticle of your hair. But first you’ll need to understand where your strands stand porosity-wise. Here’s an easy test I nabbed from http://www.naturallycurly.com

Step 1: Pour a cup of water (I got fancy and used a cream pourer…or whatever it’s called, because we never use the thing.)

Step 2: Pluck a strand of hair, or grab a strand from shedded hair.

Step 3: Drop the hair in the water.

If the hair strand floats to the bottom quickly you have high porosity hair. If it takes forever to float you have low porosity hair, like me. And if it eases on down at a steady pace you have normal porosity hair. (keep in mind I had to give mine a little nudge because it kept getting stuck to the side of the glass.)

People like me with low porosity hair need to use lighter oils like grapeseed and jojoba sparingly throughout the week with deep conditioning. If you’ve got higher porosity hair you can opt for thicker heavier moisturizers and use them more often. And liquid leave-ins are great for normal porosity hair.



Movie Night

7 Oct
Movie Night

Business Lunch

6 Oct
Business Lunch

Body conscious dress
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